Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Meeting

Each ‘meeting’ is designed to give brief thoughts about the baptist vision and to usher forth communal dialogue. The community can read the meeting blog together or can read it individually [or in couples] before they come together in the ‘meetingplace.’ Meals, prayer, laughter and tears may accompany the reading and questions. You may want to have different women and men ‘host’ the meeting each week on a rotating basis. This host[ess] simply serves and guides the community—-using the gift of hospitality in creative ways to make the meeting effective and comfortable. The goal is for the time to be conversational and to let the presence of Jesus guide the dialogue. The ‘meeting’ label is designed to subvert the baggage usually associated with that word: bland formality, work, routine and led by one person. This ‘meeting,’instead, is where Jesus meets his followers in an intentional time during the week. The meeting place, the meeting conditions, the meeting time and the meeting snacks do not matter:

For where two or three meet together in my name, I am there. [Matthew 18:20]

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